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After alot of thinking I have decided to go back to Australia, I guess i knew I would eventually, but maybe not this soon!

This time i've decided to go out for a year and if I still have dollars in the pocket Im hopefully going to stay on the road, taking in places like New Zealand, Fiji, Bali etc but that all depends on how much money I have. By no meens was this an easy decision but when Australia will only give you a working Visa up to the age of 30 this kinda helped me make the decision.

My Visa is in place, which I applied for over the internet and was granted a Visa within a couple of hours saves sending the passport away for a stamp. All I have to do is get it stamped when im over in Australia.

Ive also booked my flight with Malysia airlines through trailfinders, departing on 2nd November heading for Perth, Western Australia. So with 5 months to go now to departure Im busy reading up on all things Australia and saving hard. If any of you have any tips of places I should go or places I should stay please email me, much appreciated.

While Im away Im going to try and keep a diary for the website so I thought I would start writing it now with the planning and you can read about my organised chaos!


22nd May 2003 - My departure date is set, booked my flight today, flying via KL again but not staying just flying straight on to Perth, Western Australia

20th May 2003 - Handed my notice into the Boss he now knows im off travelling again!

15th May 2003 - Applied for my Visa on the internet and herd back within a few hours that there were going to let me into the coutry Fantastic!!






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