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Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia



This was the starting point for Jema and I on our way to Australia, after a 15 hour flight from Manchester in the UK we landed in Kuala Lumpur. To which we then boarded a connecting flight to Kuching in Borneo.


Our main reason for chosing Kuching was to see the Orangutan's in the wild, thankfully when we went to visit the Semonggok Wildlife Rehabilitation tour we were lucky to see a mother with its baby. Unfortunately the pictures I took are not the best due to a lack of a zoom lense. (A problem i have solved now).
There was more to Kuching than the Orangutans and only wish I had more time to spend there, unfortunately two nights didnt seem enough looking back. The people of Kuching seemed very freindly, more freindlier that when in Kuala Lumpur



























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