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Ireland 2002


A pictorial story of my 1200 miles in 10 days hoon around Ireland. To the right is the "Beast" that transported me on this epic journey, was supposed to be a Corsa. Don't you just love free upgrades. Did I have the luck of the Irish already?


I spent the first night in Dublin but after having a very eventful night, shall we say (there are something's you just don't need to know), it was time to see this gorgeous country.    

This was the a little village I drove through on my first day, it was early morning and the fishermen where just setting out for the day, yes I was up early! I could have sat there all day and watched the world go by.




Kilkenny Main Street

Kilkenny Castle

View from outside my Hostel/hippy commune in Kilkenny

Im sure this shop was named after me!!

A chalk board outside a bar that amused me

Bantry Bay. To the left of this piccy there is a good fish and chip shop.




Fantastic road through some valleys only wish i was on the motorbike




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