Jane's Story


You should have done Ireland on your bike. We did and had a brilliant holiday, although sore bum syndrome set in, which wasn't very funny, so it just meant we had more refreshments (filling up on the black stuff mainly and not coffee either) and scenery stops and thank god there was some beautiful and spectacular scenery around nearly every bend because my bum really did hurt.

Day 1 was spent travelling from Dublin down to county Kerry.
long journey through towns and villages , following tractors and horse carts,
this is where we abrubtly discovered in Ireland theres only one pace and that is slow,
so we accepted the fact we would have to plod along at a snails pace and enjoy the experience of stepping back in time.
Day 2
We stayed in a town called Kenmare which was ideally placed for touring kerry,
we did the ring of kerry setting off from Kenmare early in the morning along narrow winding roads over the peakeen mountain to killarny passing ladies view , which quiet litrally took your breath away it was so unspoilt and rugged mountain valley.
It took us a whole day to get round this vast peninsulla but it was well worth it .
Day 3
from Kenmare around the ring of beara,here we stopped for lunch in what was effectively someones lounge but disguised as a pub from the outside. "Only in Ireland" now I know why people say that. We passed through a town called glengariff over the caha mountains very scary bit of road (n71) over the mountains ,don't look down!
Day 4
sore bums setting in so we spend the day in Kenmare doing a pub crawl we did stop for irish stew at half time and discover to our delight at least 20 pubs in one town , I think we should rename it, Heaven.
Day 5
we're off on a jaunt around the dingle supposedly one of the most spectacular places on the earth according to tourist books ect. well we will just have to go back another day because we went round and it was foggy couldn't see a bloody thing! we saw the statue of fungi (the dolphin that lives in the bay) in dingle town.We passed the beach were the film Ryans daughter was filmed.Heading back along the road to tralee the fog finally lifts, we found a bit of motorway or the irish version of motorway (2 lanes +a suicide lane) so we managed to get a bit of speed up on the way back to base.
Day 6
exploreing back roads over the shehy mts to bantry guess what we found? The highest pub in Ireland, again this is someones living room with a bar in it. Roads here were the best we found yet with no traffic at all, the tourist route has not found this beautiful place yet.
had fish lunch in Bantry then back again along the Caha pass , for our last night on the piss!
Day 7
long haul back to dublin for ferry thank god its only 12 miles back home when we dock in anglesey.
so when you go again Dawn ON YOUR BIKE!

Sounds like you had great fun, thanks for that Jane.

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