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Its nearly ten years since I first owned a motorbike, you cant really call it a motorbike more a moped. Its was a Honda Vision 50cc moped my proud and joy at the time. My parents bought it for me in the January/February time of the year I was to turn 16 in the July. Thankfully I was lucky enough that we have a bit of room where we live so was able to whizz around the garden on the bike getting used to it for when i was allowed out on the open roads. I practiced riding the moped that much i made grooves in the lawn, so I think my mother was very glad i turned 16 and passed my CBT allowing me out on the open roads! God help the roads. The Vision was great and made it easier to get about not having to rely on the parents to run me someplace-somewhere. I was a bit of a laughing stock at college for buzzing into the car-park at 30mph, I didnt care I had my own transport and thats what mattered to me.

When I turned 17, now allowed to have a 125cc by law, i upgraded to a Honda CG125. I guess my first real motobike. The CG was great, even though the kickstart used to always give me hassle. I hear now they have electric start, oh how i wished mine was electric start on those cold winters nights and the B*gger wouldnt start. I now felt like a real biker and started to venture up to Devils Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale (local biker meeting spot). I was probably laughed at there but I certainly didnt care I was able to get out and about and see new places on my bike. In the September of my 17th year I was able to remove the L-plates from the bike as I was the now proud owner of a full bike licence, didnt even have a car licence and at the time didnt really want one. Being a pour student I stuck with the CG, always looking longingly at all the big bikes I could now ride.

For my 18th birthday a became the proud own of a very shiny Yamaha XV 535 Virago,the bike i had been dreaming about owning for a while. I have to at this stage say a big thank you to my parents, firstly for never saying "no your not having a motorbike there to dangerous" and secondly for buying these bikes for me. THANK YOU Mum and Dad.

Many an hour was spent washing and polishing this bike, I never went out on wet roads as it ment far to much cleaning when i got back. Just a fair weather rider. Over the three years of owning my virago I clocked up around about 1200 miles and probably most of them were clocked up on the A683 to Devils Bridge! (See Favourite Roads). I had many a fun moment on this bike, from giving 17 year old lads in there sporty XR2 lookalikes the shock of there lives when i left them for dead at the traffic lights to travelling on some of the best roads in the northwest.

The day came when the polished was getting to me and felt I was spending far to much time cleaning than riding it so I had many a trip around the dealers in my local area finding a bike that i liked and more importantly one that I could sit on and touch the floor! Being only 5'1 and a bit (means alot to me that bit) its hard to sit on most bikes. I can only give praise to the staff at Slingers in Preston for there help in finding me a bike that i could sit on safely. They lowered a couple of bikes for me to try out for size but to no uck, they also re-arange all there stock so I could sit on the one bike that was tucked away in the corner. Only to find that I couldnt sit on it, booo hooo. They did in the end get a sale out of me, a brand smelly new Suzuki GS500. Even this bike I had to have the seat cut away a little to give me those prescious millimeters that i needed to beable to get my toes down on the tarmac.

As I headed off from the show room with my new bike I hated ever minute of the few seconds i rode to the first junction to head home.Of course the riding position was completely different to the Virago and I felt I was riding head first everywhere and it just felt so uncomfortable on the half hour ride home. I was close to phoning Slingers and asking if we could swop back and i'd stick with the Virago but anyhow I kept giving it a chance putting more miles under my belt and three years later I still have the bike and love it to bits.

This winter deciding to tart it up a little instead of changing for something new and added some Anodised bolts to the filler cap and around the engine casing. Now I think it looks great but i have have coments (from my brother) that it looks tacky but then they are not bikers. What do your think? Oh and can you spot the minor scrape?

I have further plans to tart the bike up even more as and when i have a bit of spare cash. These include getting rid of the ugly single headlight on the front to maybe a fairing, a colour matched yellow bellypan and more anodised bits and pieces..

I can honestly say my bike is the one true love in my life, sad as I may sound but I have so much fun when im out on the bike riding some of the most scenic roads in Britian maybe even in the world! Meeting some wonderful people along the way. No matter what you ride you know that someone will talk with you, 'cos us bikers are just a freindly bunch.

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